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Various Artists / Sampler Listen To The Future CDSET

Various Artists / Sampler Listen To The Future CDSET 137695
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Band/Artist Various Artists / Sampler
Titel Listen To The Future
Format CDSET
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(09/04) 200 PAGES (!) BOOK+CD!!! A Different Drum is very proud to present this unique collaborative project featuring original short stories and accompanying theme songs. As fans of both electronic pop music (synthpop) and science fiction, ADD felt that the two pop art forms would be natural partners. Synthpop is a genre which has often been viewed as ''futuristic'' because its musical foundation is based in the creative use of technology. The synthpop composer uses the latest computer hardware, software, samplers, and other electronic musical devices to build a unique instrumental background, while adding the traditional pop elements of melody, verses, a chorus, etc. This combination helps to create a song which seems futuristic, while remaining rooted in the familiar pop tradition. Similarly, science fiction is a literary genre which builds upon the familiar styles and structures of popular fiction, but stretches the subject matter into the realms of science, imagination, and futuristic speculation. In that way, science fiction and synthpop seem to have a lot of common ground, which is probably why you can often find science fiction themes embedded within synthpop songs. This book presents a collection of 10 short stories on 200 pages, by new science fiction authors, accompanied by an exclusive soundtrack where each band created a theme song for one of the stories, sometimes instrumental, and sometimes lyrical. The soundtrack includes NEW tracks by T.O.Y., Cosmicity, Wave In Head, Somegirl, Neuroactive, Color Theory, Provision, Null Device, Junk Circuit (Neuropa project) & Empire State Human. Entertain your mind as well as your ears, and listen to the future!

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