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Various Artists / Sampler Correlation 2CD

Various Artists / Sampler Correlation 2CD 158376
Number 158376
Band/Artist Various Artists / Sampler
Title Correlation
Format 2CD
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(04/10) Whispers In The Shadow - The Lost Souls
Denight - Unreal
Golden Apes - Liberation
Double Elvis - Vampyre Song
Born For Bliss - Kindred Spirits
White Rose Transmission - Wildest Horse
Saints Of Ruin - Never Go Away
DIE! - Lüg mich an (Remix)
Eigensinn - Die Macht
Remember Twilight - Künstler der Dekadenz
Mob Research - Wambulance
Spiritual Maze - Tonight
Dead Guitars - Pristine (Edit)
Downstairs Left - Before The Storm
Wayne Hussey - Wake (Live)
Hell Bar Blues - The Stranger
Reactive Black - It's Time Again
Lost In Desire - I Am You
Nik Page - Voices From Outer Space (Valicon-Electrified Mix)
White Pulp - Malediction
No Comment - Secrets (Crush In Basement Remix)
Lost Area - Blood Rain
Bionic - It Doesn't Matter
Twila.Too - Desiring The World?
Avoid-A-Void - Myself Within
Distance - Back In Place
Division Kent - Pat The Pan Am Pilot
Zeritas - Dritte Person Singular
NONmusic - Waking Down
Andreas Gross - 1847
MOON.74 - Gun (Scattered Mix)
Akanoid - Unbreak Me (Metamorphosis Remix)
Pandique - Empathy
GoJA Moon ROCKAH - Mopet Punker
Place4Tears - Princess Valium (Overdosed Mix)
Minusheart - Future Lies (Nation Under Beat Remix)
New Risen - Private Cell (Sanctuary Remix)

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Number 158376