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Cosmicity Definitive DVD+CD

Cosmicity Definitive DVD+CD 139427
Number 139427
Band/Artist Cosmicity
Title Definitive
Format DVD+CD
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(05/05) The ultimate Cosmicity collection is now released, featuring fan favorite songs spanning from the ''Isabella'' album to the ''Escape Pod for Two'' album, plus a new cover track ''Automatic'' (Pointer Sisters).
Plus, there's a bonus DVD featuring a rough documentary of Cosmicity, following Mark Nicholas and friends through years of battling to leave a mark in synthpop history. The footage is mostly lighthearted and entertaining, but reveals some of the frustration and challenges that come when you put your heart into something that goes relatively unnoticed by the larger public. As Mark Nicholas now retires the Cosmicity name, ''Definitive'' becomes the historical snapshot of an American synthpop band.

01 Sedgwick
02 In-Flight
03 Regenerate
04 Tinnitus
05 I Want You
06 The Princess of Detroit
07 Hotel Allegro Chicago
08 This City
09 Digital Delays
10 Technology
11 Orange (Dance Mix)
12 Too Far Gone
13 Fate and Time
14 As Long As It Takes
15 Alone
16 Crucify
17 Your Beautiful Lie
18 Isabella
19 Automatic

01 Introduction
02 Recording Isabella
03 Recording Forgive Me My Syns
04 Recording Renaissance
05 Opening for Alphaville (Salt Lake City)
06 Technology Video
07 Summer Synthpop Tour 2000
08 Recording Pure
09 Commercial for Escape Pod for Two
10 Recording Escape Pod for Two
11 Video for Sedgwick
12 Final Concert: Testimonials
13 Final Concert: Backstage
14 Credits

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Number 139427